2022-08-17 00:42:11 UTC

It doesn’t take reading until the last chapter of the last book to learn that that same something would already be mentioned in just about the twenty-fifth chapter of the first book.

In that story, a traveller, being sent on a mission by his master, would stop by a well, with his ten camels. In the cool of the day when women would come to draw water. And in his heart he would pray for one of them to be of such a distinctive quality for the sake of him and his camels.

A beautiful virgin girl would, before he had finished praying in his heart, be carrying her jug, on her way down to the well. Taking no chances, he asked her to give him some water, and she did. And she offered to give all his ten camels the same.

There is no mention that the traveller offered to help or helped her at all. That would mean that Rebekah would have drawn all the water from the well, carry it to the camels’ troughs and empty it there, until the camels had had enough. Suppose each camel drank 10 litres of water. Why would she go so far as to do all of that for a stranger, who would only need a cup of water, and could have very well helped himself? She was not just conscious of his immediate need, but his future, and all that he had that was in need. I’d think it mentioned that he “watched her” because he was in utter awe that the one in aid of him was the answer to his prayer for one of such an outstanding quality that would be unparalleled by all other women. And he would, at the very end of it all, put a nose ring and gold bracelets on her as an expression of his gratitude - all of which would never be enough repay her. She was beautiful in entirety.

Would one go so far for another in need? An empathetic one stops for another. A generous one gives to another. But this kind one gave to another and all the other had.

Would there ever be such a person? If there were, would it be for real? And if it is, who would that one be? What would be, his name? His name is in that last chapter.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-08-05 21:59:41 UTC

Whose heart is blessed? The one whose heart’s name is Blessed.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-08-04 14:56:25 UTC

“Why are you always laughing?!”

“Nothing. It’s just that my heart becomes soft when I think of her.”

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-08-03 11:30:40 UTC

If anything is worth remembering, it would be this: That if there were everything worth forgetting, it would be but this: That he loves me.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-07-27 13:16:29 UTC

I’ve been working on my setup, in order to raise my production capacity as far as possible. It might take a few days for me to near perfect it, then it will be much easier for me to create things.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard