2022-08-05 21:59:41 UTC

Whose heart is blessed? The one whose heart’s name is Blessed.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-08-04 14:56:25 UTC

“Why are you always laughing?!”

“Nothing. It’s just that my heart becomes soft when I think of her.”

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-08-03 11:30:40 UTC

If anything is worth remembering, it would be this: That if there were everything worth forgetting, it would be but this: That he loves me.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

2022-07-27 13:16:29 UTC

I’ve been working on my setup, in order to raise my production capacity as far as possible. It might take a few days for me to near perfect it, then it will be much easier for me to create things.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Look out
2022-07-24 08:18:00 UTC

I’ve been thinking of creating some cool stuff which would be distributed for free. They might be unlike anything out there.

Today’s culture over-values what is paid for. Perhaps, because of a lack of valuable free things. But a future is coming, where the culture will see a shift in what they would value.

Look out for them in the coming days.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard