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Topic: Not everything is personal
Date: 21 Aug 2018
Time: 06:39:42
I would have to admit that, my post in 2012 December 13th is wrong.

Let me warn you that this post may offend you in any possible way: Morally, Spiritually, Religiously, Scientifically, Intellectually, Philosophically.

The present post is extreme in its stance. If you are not prepared to be offended in any possible fashion, quit your browser.

Not everything should be kept personal. And as it applies to me, at least not this matter - as convinced sharing this on my blog, I am that I should share it even in public. It is personal, but people have to hear it.

In this write-up, I will use the words 'experience' and 'phenomenon' (yes - I mean that Scientific word) interchangeably.

While it might have taken years to understand the nature of an experience, it might actually have taken one experience to know the nature of an experience. The Instinctive Spirit makes a conclusion out of an experience and is satisfied. Whereas that conclusion unless explained is called naiive by the Scientific Mind, which prefers going down its rabbit hole of endless pursuits to prove the former that it may know better.

As it appears, what we are satified with is most offensive to the Mind. The Mind is probably the most restless organ in the entire Person.

This may seem an unfair assertion - but every Nature is binary; by nature.

Even choices are binary.

Every deed is good or bad, there is no in-between.
Every experience is good or bad, there is no in-between.
Every object is good or bad, there is no in-between.

The very moment I'm sitting on the fence on a matter, is proof the Mind has begun its endless fruitless quests for an explanation. (Yes, I mean explanation in the Scientific sense). It demands an explanation.

The Mind may have been wrong all along, but it wouldn't accept it is so, as it searches out every corner for evidence (Yes, I mean evidence in the Scientific sense). With every empty corner, its frustration grows, as does its addiction to hoping the very next attempt would yield it's fruit - as does a gambler. Up until one fine day it hits the breakpoint of complete exhausion - it gives up.

At this point, the Person is finally back in a state of Rest.

Perhaps not everything needs an explanation. But the Nature of everything might have already been known - yes; right now as it is known.

Nothing can convince the Spirit out of its conclusions - no, not the Mind.

It may take years for the Mind to reach its dead end, but when it finally does, you know you are back in state of Rest. And as you might have suspected, as pertaining to my nocturnal experiences, I've given up in my attempts to understand them.

There's one thing I must admit: I am compelled to agree with what I knew 11 years ago - This is a negative experience. An assaultive, a hateful, a violative one. But there is hope - the dark forces cannot stand against the Light Force - there's no need to make things explicit, and I hope you understand what I mean. Even we are hopeless Prisoners of the Light. These dark beings may violate us, whether spiritually, physically, or soulfully - but maybe; just maybe all they only possess is the ability to make us feel as though we are being violated.

And so in the end these experiences may be frightening, but it doesn't kill, it doesn't harm - as wasn't I, - and perhaps it was an attempt to make me feel as though it does.

I don't seem to be afraid of them anymore.

But one thing I know - these are bad experiences.

One conclusion I make: these are bad experiences.

Another conslusion I make: these are harmless experiences.

And yet another conclusion I make: I am safe from these experiences.

If you seemed to have had any experience remotely close to these experiences I've had (thousands of times, I cannot count), I hope you take heart, and find some assurance.

At least you should know the one Person in the entire universe who keeps us all safe, from whose Hand none of these dark beings may snatch us out of. I hope you know who I'm referring to.

It is because of that Person we are safe from Death, the last enemy who is to be annihilated. That would spell the end of the hateful, spiteful dark forces whose sole goal is to bring as much destruction and drag as many beings who remind them of the Person - People - in any way possible - in this case, through the invocation of the Fear of Death - along with them into their Final Destination - the Eternal Lake.

But I can take heart, because I wouldn't be there. So can you.

As much as the statement above: There are two Eternal Destinations. Where I will be would be of the nature converse to the nature of those dark beings.

And just as you've guessed, you're right - there is where I would be. As you would.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Topic: Rewrote the blog engine
Date: 13 Apr 2018
Time: 01:26:00
I had some time and brain power to spare so I rewrote the blog engine. It's not going to be any faster, but defintely much more maintainable.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Topic: Yet another
Date: 25 Jun 2015
Time: 17:25:00
Had some spare time and i fixed bugs for some older browsers so the site should work on most. Sorry if it still doesn't!

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Topic: another update
Date: 15 Jun 2015
Time: 10:00:00
2015 June 15th - New and updated chat area check it out! Better, cleaner, faster. Its almost 3 weeks since the mobile sites been up, but really deserving of a refresh.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Topic: an update
Date: 29 May 2015
Time: 06:51:00
hello guys this its me again and finnally i got this to work so that i can seamlessly post updates to this thing using my phone! Hope its working. Would be amaing if it did.

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard