Performance is degree to which the act of putting up an outwardly impressive front disregards the true quality of the object involved. - My definition.

Performance is derived from competitiveness. Competitiveness is derived from envy. Envy is derived from a need to be ahead or be perceived to be ahead. The need is derived from a void of restfulness.

Contrary to the world, the Kingdom is rest. In the Kingdom, each person represents a unique part of Him. In this way, each person is qualified and positioned to be ahead in a unique way, excelling in that way.

Daniel and his friends were 10 times wiser than the wisemen of their day (Book of Daniel). Because they were in the Kingdom, they had been positioned ahead in rest. Their need to be ahead was non-existent. This enabled them to genuinely excel from restfulness - from their position - rather than striving to falsely excel.

Competitiveness is quite rampant. But it does not have to be that way anymore, because it is not known to Believers. In workplaces, schools or homes where this common, a Believer knows his position such that no matter what others have said or might say, his qualification remains unchanged.

In school where being on the right end of the bell curve is desired, there competitiveness is found. The orphan (unrestful) spirit leads to such intensive competitivity that nobody wants to help anybody, impeding holistic and robust education. Enviously depriving someone from holistic education so to appear to be more holistically educated doesn't qualify as holistic education in itself. Overall, entire societies fail to be well-educated because of such strife. The orphan spirit so prevalent in the culture causes persons to insist on not answering someone else's question.

Fortunately, Believers can put to death, competitiveness. Kingdom is abundance. Kingdom is generosity. Kingdom is grace (empowerment). Kingdom is rest. Perhaps to decribe Believers' lives by absent characteristics is easier. One thing for now: Kingdom is not competitiveness.

Perhaps the topic of kingship in the kingdom can well explain how to live apart from competitiveness. In summary anyway, Believers who consult our King and other kings will definitely live successfully as kings themselves, and successfully fulfill their unique worldly role that they excel in as a result of such counsel. That was how Daniel and his friends discovered what roles they excelled in, and hence continued to excel in their unique roles, beyond non-Believers who did not know their roles nor receive such counsel.

That is how Believers can represent this Kingdom. By bringing this Kingdom's reality on earth until the whole earth become Believers. Just a thought. Perhaps a dream.

Well I love the fact that I am set free from performance. We'll see how things go from here, as I try and live free-from-competitiveness as a king.

Are you a king yet?

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard