How often can I update this blog? I really hope I can do so, but it's just hasn't been very important to me lately, although I have had a lot on my mind. Regardless, I don't know why but I blog just before school starts, and then when I get busier, I don't blog. Well right now, I'm going for a run. Health is extremely important, and God has given the responsibility of being a steward of our health. So Believers ought to be in good health always, without sickness (since the glory of the Lord has risen upon each one of us)

I will share more here, since it's impossible to share my little thoughts on twitter, perhaps this blog will come alive again if God leads me to share my knowledge.

School is starting and I'm pretty set for it. Living to worship the One, to bring glory to his name each and every day. Amen. I'm going for a run.

Forgot about this, but Blessed 2012 to you!

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard