Referring to posts on 10th May 2011, my answer to my then 5-year-old question of whether the scary nocturnal experiences were psychological or spiritual in nature was that they were both.. I explained that occasionally I would have spiritual experiences -- such as sensing a spiritual presence,-- yet other times I would have psychological experiences -- such as dream-state panic.

It had been bewildering until one fine day on the first day of school in my 3rd year, dated 13th August 2012, I had such a tremendously intimate visitation that changed my entire outlook on this whole issue. That night I had a feeling of panic, a dream, an out-of-body-experience (OOBE), sleep paralysis, bizarre visual, somatic & auditory sensations - All in one. Waking up from a dream I knew this had to be God and I met him face-to-face in my sleep. I'll leave the details out.

I am actually rather, or perhaps very disappointed at the fact that I had called God, a devil all these years. I'm keenly aware that there is little teaching in the church regarding issues as such, but there are doctrines that magnify the devil while punifying God. This is what I have to say: While some have a BIG GOD and a PUNY DEVIL, others have a BIG DEVIL, and a PUNY GOD.. in the latter case, God isn't really that great; as had been my case.

I still am hating the fact that until the 13th August, my God was puny; and the fact that I had heightened 'demonic' senses and suppressed 'God' senses.

This news was so incredibly good I cried so bad. Now I want to tell the world how BIG of a God we have. He visits us in our dreams, is it not found in Scripture?

Summarizing, the answer to the 6 year question is that it is a spiritual experience because it was triggered by God that resulted in psychological and physiological reactions which were undetected when I went for a complete polysomnography sleep study (PSG) which only goes to show that spiritual experiences might just not be detected by physical (bodily) measures.

That would mean that God-induced OOBEs, dreams, visions, trances might not be explainable by Science. Incredible.

Take this with a pinch of salt if you're a hardcore scientist since there is no evidence for me to make the above claim; the good news is this: we have a God who does initiate bizarre experiences in our sleep that are way beyond our explanations. And whether you're a Christian or not, the good news is this: We have a God who does initiate bizarre experiences in our sleep to speak to us in a personal and intimate manner.

So glad I don't have to wrestle with the answer anymore.

"God, since that day four months ago that you visited me, we have so much closer; thanks for never giving up on me despite me foolishly and crudely calling you a devil for each time you had visited me for 6 years until that day."

That is all i have to say, if anyone has any further questions, email me @ [email protected], or if you'll like to chat that will be good too.

Blessings :)

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard