Referring to the last post. Mystery is part of God's way to keep us ever dependent on him. If there's any way we could ever say, "I know the trick!" or "I know it all!" we would have become gods. Likewise I can't fully understand why I can see demons in my sleep.. but I know that I have always had a keen spiritual sensitivity. Been a while since the last update. But as I always believe that there is no real reason to talk about this as though it's something that makes me spiritual. But I learnt one lesson: I can praise God for his mystery. I will keep praising him for that.

Hols are coming to an end. But my journey this hol has been worth it. Lots of learning and change to my life. It has been exciting! And I've just crafted my sermon that I will be preaching next tursday, on the 28th of July for the Training on Preaching for Supernatural Results elective by Pastor Derek. Awesome! Thank you God!

I'm beginning to dream revival taking place.. and revival often starts with ourselves then with our family, workplace (School), and then community! Way to go in this journey of faith.

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