School has started this week. But I won't be having lessons this week because all the profs declared the lectures as holidays. Anyway, I just ordered a new sansamp and pandora for my bass over amazon. And Joel and I are going to be running everyday (we have been from this week) until the 28th, hoping to get some cash from IPPT we plan to take on the 28th. Yay :D

Oh yes.. we are also going to get some cash from selling some old phones in the next week..

And Joel has just ordered some screen protectors on ebay.. because he wasn't happy with his. And I dont know how but he ordered the wrong product accidentally I think. That's the problem with no making up your mind on one product and having so many tabs open while making the final order.

I'm feeling kind of dry during this period. I know the holidays are over and I really did enjoy them but I don't feel like starting school frankly.. Yet I'm going to be slacking this week away and that would leave me with 1 week less to study. I really have been planning to keep playing my bass just as a way to express my feelings to God. I really hope I would feel better in the next weeks.

I have just got a panic last night and it wasn't nice. I can't be getting stressed yet, although i know this is already the first week, it possibly could be due to my slacking away of this week that I'm not comfortable with. Still going to TRUST MY GOD Tonight and from tonight forth!

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard