Topic: Mid-terms
Date: 23 Sep 2010
Time: 21:01:00
Have psych mid-term coming up next week. then psych essay is due on friday. This week i had a driving lesson almost everyday. Also have studied a bit, on the bus when i have lots of time etc. Joel came out on Tuesday and would be around until next monday. He's out to parkour now.

Dad is going to send me to gombak for my driving lesson very soon. It would be from 2130 to 2300. Im tired.. haiz..

Crystal has been in HK and is now on a tour in Mongolia. Sure she's having fun.

I think God for giving me yesterday (on my way home from a dinner with ethan and michelle) to do the POST-IT outreach. Check out the ohfamily website! :)))) Thank you Lord! May your people be touched by simple messages I give them :D

Gotta go. I'll update more when I get back. I understand the disorder in the posts, my thoughts are always everywhere ~.~
Back. Dad drove me home. Saves me so much time :D My driving instructor says i stand a high chance of passing my test. As long as i dont gei kiang and make mistake. I have a lesson tomorrow afternoon before my test and for that i'll be driving outside and getting used to his car. Hopefully I pray God can help me pass! Would certainly 'make my week' for having so many lessons and LFSing sessions on the computer :/

To elaborate on POST-IT outreach. Today I was studying in school after doing project work with my group for EL. (ben, chinpin, elsa, sherman). The thunderstorm was so crazy for me to go back home. It speaks of revival rain. This kind of rain is supernatural showers of love from God.. I'm being a bit paranoid here but it's so obvious. Certainly showers make people stop working and stop going around, it forces them to rest. God didn't want me to go home, because he wanted me to do a POST-IT outreach when i was going back on the bus.

My idea is to make blessing others a lifestyle from a life overflowing with love and joy of the Lord. I really wanna partner God in this and do this in school. My dreams are about to begin coming true. God is on my side :D

Will be going to shower now. Update soon :D God bless!

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Topic: School
Date: 08 Sep 2010
Time: 01:04:00
Absolutely crazy. I must update although I have been really busy with school. Although I have only 1 CCA at the moment.

Haven't been updating. I want to begin the habit again. The reason why is not up.. which is one of my goals, is because I can't deal it with the domain owner. I keep offering & I pray God would help :*

I realise that once it's up, I would be expected to update the website!! Maybe, I could use a subdomain first.. but these few days I'm so packed I haven't even been relaxing much...
/ God's beenn very good. Strength comes over when I'm weak. Today SSA lecture wasn't just boring, but I was super tired from last night's less than 1 hour sleep. Barely could I focus in class. It was really bad.
Thanks for people who have been supporting through prayer & sms. I'm about to begin making my dreams come true. 3 of them had been on my mind.. meantime before I can make any progress to acheive them, I have been so tight with univerity stuff.
I have a SSA test next week. An essay due next week. Other than that, I have to eun some log for this saturday's Youth In Service Mooncake Distribution to Commonwealth Drive . I'm so glad the response has been so great. The hearts of youth are so ignited with God's Love.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of joining squash as my 2nd CCA. When will this happen?? Haha. Squash racquets are $200 because mine is already breaking down.... God please bless me with one! Hahaha :/ It's so fun to blog again. I can just dump out my feelings in general. It's not detailed and it's so messy. Thoughts are everywhere.

More outreaches in school. I'm trying to org.. will things slow down first? I doubt it.. but i can slow it down by keeping up with the pace.. so that it's not chunked into the last minute. :D Procrastination must end!!

Let me invite someone tomorrow.. I know I'm tired. Keep it updated tomorrow.

What kind of excuse is 'feeling tired'. Who wont be tired. That's why there's faith and there's a God.. and from Him we draw our strength. What excuse is 'busy'? Prolly the worst excuse ever (for me at least). I have lots of assignments, and readings to catch up on, not to mention, test and essay due next week. but outreaches can't stop, because it's meant to be consistent :DD 'if signs and wonders don't follow you, follow them until they follow you' is just a way to just stop being introspective and to recognise my power in Jesus Christ.

apologies for too many typos. Its just not worth to edit my impromptu journalling. I jsut realised that I stopped blogging when army strangled me, just felt no one should know my pains.. but i stopped longer when I was out of the army. It's all in my dairy...

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard