Topic: Tennis
Date: 19 Nov 2009
Time: 01:35:00
Nothing significant to highlight for the past week, except that I paid for the basic theory test questions that I can practise online; for driving which I'm going to take up finally. Kinda lazy to apply for the test that's will be on in 2.5 wks time & I'm going down tomorrow to apply can't wait any longer, i might not get a slot

Marcus Yunlong & my bro watched & caught up on Monday 16th, if I'm not wrong I watched lots of TV on tuesday since my bro was off so he wanted to relax & put out his stress for the moment.

Today? Woke up @ almost 2pm & I slept 12hrs straight again. Muz be tired. Had lunch, Dad wanted to play tennis so much & so I played with him at the new boon lay SAFRA club, the weather was gr8 & we both played as well as usual except I couldn't judge the distance to take the ball from because my arms were much shorter when I was a kid, as with swimming ( my bro says he forgot swimming, altho it was his childhood hobby but the body is much heavier/denser than a kid's with some baby fat remaining. His muscles were not acclimatised to his body weight because they were working to keep a child's weight afloat.) Very true!

Joel wanted to play some pool this nites out so I played some with him.

OK enough I'm slping bb

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Topic: ORD, KRK Rokit 6, Ibanez RG7321
Date: 12 Nov 2009
Time: 23:29:30
The pics I was talking about

Introducing the Ibanez RG7321 which is simply amazing because it's so fun to play!:

Have been jammin on it for several hours a day, it's tunings are the same as my bass! Good time to play it when my wrist hurt from playing my bass & when I'm recovering

& Now, introducing the KRK Rokit 6 Monitor speakers:

So great with good & almost similar to my bass 4 x 10" cab with great low tones! I'll put up a video or audio file soon (listeners muz of course have gr8 speakers too)

There beside, the base amp/cab! The home studio look! Without guitar amps but the KRKs produce gr8 sound to rock the windows and the ceilings, literally! 2 x 6" are powerful!

& Finally, the ORD pics! One day at the cookhouse about 8-9 months back I was eating a western meal & I spotted a whole box of lil packs of chilli sauce, with that date on it? I grabbed 2handfuls of it, ate some & kept some!






Unfortunately I did not take any photos on my ORD, I got my pink IC @ 5pm or so which is kinda late & I was tired. & I couldnt take photos in my air base remember! Anyway, that's all for now, what else can I do.. let me find something to do..

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard

Date: 11 Nov 2009
Time: 10:40:00
have I EVEN ORDED? YES! COZ I DREAMT I HAVENT & I WAS SUPPOSED 2 STAY BACK FOR A MONTH OR SO WHICH KINDA SUX FOR A DREAM A DAY AFTER ORD! PINK IC IS WITH ME I JUZ CHECKED YAY FINALLY :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I always wanted to blog but couldn't find it necessary for most of my NS time bcoz either I wanted to stop thinking about NS(blogging makes me think more), or I was trying to do something that could pass time more quickly & like finally it's over! Kind of too sudden! Reason I didn't blog yesterday was because I came back kinda late, which I didnt care anyway as long as I had my pink ic with me!

& Joel's retaking GP paper it's comprehension paper 2 now right now! Can't believe I was still in dream world worrying about NS while he was taking his GP, could've prayed for him throughout since compo is usually tougher than compre, esp after a long time of not writing (IMO).. He's going to do fine.. My men juz messaged me, he thought he saw me retaking GP, & of coz he was wrong.. Lol

Later I will post some ORD pics. No in-base photos of coz, juz some funny photos

& we just got a new electric guitar that's the 7-string Ibanez RG7321 on Sat @ a Swee lee weekend sales, which didn't break too big a whole in my pocket since I'm a careful spender. My bro's friend suggested no amps, but we go for monitor speakers instead which is a brilliant idea, got the KRK rokit 6! Rokit5's lacked the low-end bass while I listened in the CINAMEX shop, 6 had much better low-end tones, important for my bass recordings, TONE IS IMPORTANT! Those huge speakers managed to find some space our room, pics later.

The only thing I'm lacking now is an amp, most probably getting a digital amp like a line-6 pod. That would give the new guitar many many more effects, cool :D

Now I'm waiting, for Joel to finish his paper 1145 or 1200 not too sure, praying 4 him. God will open a way for him somehow!

Let me find something else 2 do, now with so much free time~~~~~

The Oh Brothers™ Leonard