My BMT recorse is tmr! Why wasn't it on the 6th? Because I received wrong information.. but all that confusion is over and now all I can think about is going for recourse! I was given a half day off today after asking my superior as best as I could so I left at 11am. I didn't have all the stuff for BMT so I went to Chevrons' E-mart and reached at 11.30 sharp but it wasn't open! Waited for an hour before it opened! Lots of people were waiting and someone was saying that the shopkeeper claimed to have lost her wallet or something. Whether it's true or not, that I won't know, I just went in to buy whatever that I needed and went home. Went out for lunch with my parents and got back and packed my stuff there's so much to bring! More than ORDing AFAIK! Then I went to cut my own hair so that they won't find fault with me tmr. It was quite long but now it's so short! Tmr I go in with a clean sheet so the people wont have a bad first impression of me! It was also great to practice cutting my own hair :D

Actually I had two weeks 'off' before this week but I was just so relaxed I couldn't care less about blogging! I just wanted to knock the stress I was feeling out of my own head! I did everything possible! Watching TV, playing computer games, sleeping, reading, researching, playing the guitar/bass/drum, listening to music, just sitting back and having a great break from work! It felt so great because I had never experienced such wonderful moments from day one of NS! 13 more months to ORD is that soon? Very!! NS life is so routine, so boring and so we learn escapism and without having to watch tv or game or -whatever that's enjoyable- as though we were really doing it! If that happens on the subconscious level then it would definitely make us less stressed but that take some of our concentration away which means we can't focus hard on tasks.. and that might lead us to making accidental mistakes and being screwed.

I have never really talk much about my work in my unit now because I don't find a point unless SAF really needs info genuinely for surveys and such what's the point of complaining here. I might end up in trouble if I write the wrong things which I don't want to happen. Secondly I don't have a choice, it's just me to put that event at the very back behind the last door in my memory. Shut the door and just leave it cause it's over and now that I'm out at least there is going to be a change in workplace and environment which might be worse or better that's for the future to tell! Right now all I feel is relief!

This is my last meal with my parents and so I'm going to eat now and I think they will spend some time with me before I go for recourse. I'm wishing the best for my bro who's going to take his A level in 3 weeks time. I'll be back a week before his first exam and I hope he prepares well.. I'll be away for 9 weeks counting from tomorrow, throughout his exam period. He'll be finished with his exam 2 weeks or so before I POP I hope he will not be so stressed and just relax and chill like me last year, he should do fine! I was gaming a lot during the A level period because all that was on my mind was 'Prepare for exam! Prepare for exam! Prepare for exam!' O please I could not entertain my own thoughts and I resorted to escapism haha but it works! So all the best to my bro! And some of my friends are also taking A level I wish you all the best too!

I am going to do fine in the recourse I know I have the capacity to finish from first day to last! I won't OOT as much as possible!

GTG! I need to sleep early tonight too :D 7am at SFT!


Before I cut my hair..

After I cut my hair!!

Huge bags! Cocker spaniel used to show scale

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