I just POPed last tuesday! It's a long time ago and I only blogged once throughout the whole of BMT. I just got my posting today. I'm setting off for SISPEC in 2 days! Kind of expected it because my friends were all saying I had a high chance of entering because I was physically fit! That's only one criteria, there are so many other criterias that I was so poor in.. like I think my sergeants or PC wouldnt recommend me for leadership training because I did not have a chance to be a platoon IC nor did I wayang. I just did the best I could in BMT! Okay so here I go from here..

Ok I was on leave all they way from last tuesday till now. Last week bro and I was trying to get him a new phone, and sell his existing one. Seems like sis wants to take bro's phone, so we'll sell hers which is like only 7 months old. Then we'll get joel an E51 because there are absolutely none that are better deals with no camera. I also got an E61 non cam for $160 from a second hand shop it's still in very good condition I would say 8/10. And decent price for it's functions, although it was released 3 years ago its speed is comparable to present phones. And I like the screen too! And the keypad! :D. So soon we should be selling sis's phone and getting joel an E51.

On monday Bryan Tan from BMT came over to my house because he seems to like Arrow a lot! Spent like few hours at my place just chasing Arrow everywhere and taking photos of him! Amusing!

This wed I was out shopping with Bryan and Jerrold! I just accompanied and I did not spend a cent because I need to have discipline to control my spending.. A pouch for E61 was too hard to come by..

Sis is going for a 50km walk organised by charity so we got her a pair of Asics shoes I hope her tendon doesnt split again..

Today I was just jammin away on the bass.. Love to play it and practice! :D Love to record more with bro! But it's a time consuming task.. but so fun! Think bro has much better guitar skills than I because I cannot handle learning two new instruments(guitars). Either I learn the bass, or the guitar. A mix confuses the muscles.. But I would say I can play pretty well for a start.. that's about 4 months since I began to play the acoustic guitars.. My bro said I learn so quickly especially the barred chords! Guess the bass strengthened my hand so much because I started in mid April.. Okay enough said haha.. :D
Here's a Mighty to Save recording recently improved from the previous! Not sure if joel posted it anywhere but previously there was only guitar and the drums. This time with added bass and EQ. Recording

Okay pretty late. Bro is out for the whole day and is still playing pool probably. Waiting for him.. while waiting I'll just play some Project Reality

BB ^^

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