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Date: 25 Aug 2008
Time: 18:19:58
K I was too tired last weekend to update anything so it is :D
Okay, since I haven't wrote a long enough entry for some time I will spend at least 20 mins to write..First off I've finished my operations about more than a month ago, think it was 4th July. From then on till the 11th of August I was back in my unit doing work, understudying another guy from my branch. I have never had a permanent job in this unit so far, because it's a temporary unit for me (3rd Signals btw), and I'm here because I was pulled out of BMT training (OOT - out of training) for my sleep problems, that's how they run the system, they're play safe. Any problem must be raised or one risk being charged for malingering haha. I was OOTed for 5 weeks in BMT then pulled out, that's how I got into this unit. So counting I have been in this unit for about 7 months, that's including the 3 months of ops I was doing.. so it's 4 months. I've got one more month to go before I re-BMT! :D I'm actually happy to go back because I don't like my work now.. I won't discuss it here. And I got at least 10 'offs' eliminating it from the remaining days - that's about 20 days left in my unit :D YAYYYYYYYYYY :D While I'm gonna leave happily some of the newer ppl who just joined are just too unhappy with the system I hear them groaning everyday, so do I man.. I understand, but I can't help you hahaha :D I just wanna go somewhere else that would be more appropriate for a combat fit person, I'm not garang, but I'm not a laid back person, I prefer having something in between and NO I'm not going for OCS of course!! I dont like to have time on my hands because it slips off and time passes too quickly. Right now in my branch the rule is NO PSP, NO SLEEPING, NO READING. So what do we do then? I mean there's no point having the 'chopchop get it done' attitude because we will leave time for stoning. I just have to learn to do things slowly sometimes, though it's just not me, for everyone's sake hahaha :D

Let me update about my sleep problem now, I'll give it 5 mins because I wanna play my bass haha. K. Basically lots of stuff, I've read books, I've researched online, I've asked and found help, all of which gave me better understanding of my sleep problems. Having this for nearly two years, still scares the hell out of me whenever it happens. I'm seeing a church psychologist right now, it has been 9 months already with him, but we haven't gone far, because of my ops, and unpredictable army schedules.. we have barely narrowed down to the more possible causes, and it feels like it's getting nowhere but I will keep going because I know it's possible to find the source of the problem.

Think I should explain more next month because what can I explain now when I still haven't got a proper understanding, too many question marks, and I've used too much of my brain power and I'm draining.. I just pray everyday that God gives me better understanding as days go by.

Maybe it wont be a month lah, it could be next week! I'll just log everything, and me and my pastor will work it out, with the help of others :D

K i'm tired of typing byebye!
p.s. forgot, from 11th Aug till now I'm in a signal storeman course, don't know why, I only have 1 month left in this unit!

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Date: 21 Aug 2008
Time: 23:57:33
Changed urls! relink plz friends! or you get a dead page!
Update more tmr, I'm not free now, haven't been free these few weeks

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