Wah very long haven't update leh. Anyway the Ibanez bass has arrived and I'm practicing scales right now. LOL. But learning very slowly, blame the old days when I used to hate piano lessons.

One problem with the order is the noob cable that came with the guitar. Kinda used it for only 2 days and it's gone. Pulling out of the jack port spoilt the cable. So had to ask bro's pal to get a mojo cable for me costed 30 bucks? around there.

Finally my comps mic is working. Can jam ma bass on the computer and blast off the speakers. :D

This guitar is really mojo. + the amp that is coming soon, again it's bro's pal that will get it for me :D might be very ex but worth it because amps can last for a decade? GOOD ONES OF COURSE! :D MOJO!!! LOL :D

Going to sleep soon, wanna wake up early tmr. Although I love to stay up and have supper at 2am at 24hr stores by myself or with ma pals I realised that I haven't enjoyed life in the early morning, around 8am-12pm! Long time. School does not allow, army does not. Now I'm on operation so I can relax on my offs but I can't say more than this or I am revealing too much and will get extra or DB. LOL. So I'm getting up early tmr to learn my MOJO Bass in the early morning YEAH. :D

The Oh Brothers™ .:Wonderous:.