Topic: =)
Date: 30 Oct 2007
Time: 01:43:46
130AM. ^^ Studyinggggggggggggggggggggg...... computing! Physics will be talked about after computing paper. 2 hrs+ to study phy. System life cycle is what i'm revising now. It's late...but at least I took a nap in the afternoon..OK i think i'm well prepared. God will take me through, he keeps his promises.

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Topic: =)
Date: 24 Oct 2007
Time: 22:00:33
OK. 6 more dayz. Seems like I got a lot more time, but in fact I don't. Spend the afternoon trying to fit my dad's 120GB hdd used for his backup. So i can put the paging file into that thing, to speed up my system. Can feel the speed boost already. :) 160GB + 120GB almost full.. I think I should get another hd soon.. I dont wanna delete stuff to make for space, it's sad. Deleting backup files is the saddest thing. I tried compressing them, that would help. Dad's documents take up 100GB. If I compress 100GB (would take me lots of time) it would only take up 50-70GB. Or if there are lots of document files, 30GB! Worth it?? Yes. But it's spoiling. Bad sectors always. One bad sector on an archive? Gone. LOL. Think it's a no for now :/ Wanted to do math today. OK. Spent that afternoon.. my comp so slow.. so I should get started now!

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Topic: =)
Date: 17 Oct 2007
Time: 19:30:52
Still surviving... got up in the morning to study computing.. o man... 13 days left it's frightening..msged DY asking him if he wanted to go for GP consultation. "No" was the immediate reply.. thought he would change his mind but I was wrong.. RING kangwei calls, "hey you coming for GP mah? we all here liao." "Oh what time is the thing" "2 o'clock leh" "huh, I still at home leh.. *line goes bad* ok I see you there." It was 1.30 lol, got changed, grabbed cab.

The cab driver was madly funny, horned at every fellow, cursed at every slow driver. Once he got stuck (he did not realise it was a turning lane) "see this guy so slow *horn horn horn hornnnnnnnnnnnnn* *horn horn horn*, Oh turning lane ah.. stupid guy never put signal expect me to know" it was his fault lah, he didn't know it was a turning lane and blamed the guy for not signalling zzzz...

Got to school in time. Now I'm back home studying again..

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Date: 16 Oct 2007
Time: 19:52:05
Gah my headache was killing me during the mock exam... but it was well worth going.. at least out of 60 marks I got a high B (exact same as Dayan) which is somewhat decent score.. it indicates i'm really improving in stats, ever since I studied madly and got it all in one day.. playing games did not help me. It's enjoyable, but my stress level is not falling.

"Perhaps you should exercise, outdoor games like tennis or squash, " mom says.. "yeah, true.. vigorous exercise releases endorphins - supposed to be good for my body."

"so go play squash for 30 mins - 45 mins, not too long, dont over-exert, *drawing a parallel*, like how you wouldnt take a nap longer than 30 mins or you wont be able to get up." she continues, "then after playing you get tired, sleep, then wake up feeling more fresh."

wow certainly there is something to hear from moms.. tho dads might be more intellectual (at least most of the time), moms do give advice that's worth listening to sometimes - tho sometimes their wives tales are quite nonsensical. Just finished my dinner, waiting for digestion before I leave for squash. I haven't fully recovered, what shd I do man.... self-medicate? haiz, better ask mom... lol (she might give me some real good advice about managing extreme stress)..

what is my bro up to.. let me check him out..

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Topic: lol
Date: 14 Oct 2007
Time: 23:14:09
Was just slacking all day. Why? I'm not well. Fever. Headache. Madness. For 3 days now this splitting headache is imploding. Health is key right now, that's why I slacked. My dad was disappointed that I played 4 hrs of comp today. I'm sick la, haiz, it's not because I dont have a sense of urgency. But it's all about studying smart. What for put myself under so much stress that I dont recover from this flu? Then wont studying be less effective? Staring blankly at the book for 6 hrs with only 30 mins effective studying. Might as well just take a break and break free from the stress. Making sense right? haiz

Yesterday after youth service, went to North Border for dinner. Dad got worried even before bringing me for dinner, told him firmly that I needed a break, but never told him why. "If we're going for dinner, then go and enjoy ourselves. Why let my studies bother our time together right?" he kept silent. Dunno what he was thinking at that point.

So then I ordered "Sizzling Venison Loin" and I had to ask the waiter how to eat it (my family dared me, I did lol). "Just open up the pancake, add sauce, and put the meat in and fold it up" like po piah. Okay, haha, interesting to have po piah with venison, glad I ordered it :)

The lighting was quite bad and we didn't have proper cams. So photos were quite bad, we tried our best to get the best lighting in every photo. Well, these are all we had in the end:


one of the two candles!

the po paih I was talking about. The venison's on the right. The flattened cone thing is the pancake!

Mom eating!

Mom reluctantly took this photo

Mom & Sis!

theohbros again! my shirt got caught while leaning over!

Dad & Sis! Brought them into a brighter place for a better photo

Sis wanted to take a nice photo of the candle..

Family shot under the entrance with good lighting

"North Border"

I took this photo. Proud that it's the cleanest and best photo(voted)

Dad tries to take an equivalent haha

The shop signboard!

O yes I want to talk about the waitress that served us.. she's probably in her very early 20s, looked like a university student.. she was quite cute when she served us! and she argued harder than my mom to win me to order the venison loin, and it was really good like she said! and she even offered to take a photo for us but we told her it was too dark and she brought us to a brighter table (still outside the main shop) and brightened the lights for us, sweet of her! I think she's got some kinda photography background seeing her enthusiasm about photography.. maybe she's a photowhore herself that's why hehehe :) but sadly her shift was over at 10pm so I didn't have a chance to see her again awww.. or I could have taken a photo to remember her =(

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Topic: lol
Date: 13 Oct 2007
Time: 15:24:47
I need to reach church by 430pm, have to do this quickly. Yesterday was the last day of school! 1.5 hrs of lessons followed by a break and then farewell assembly (which wasn't very interesting, less interesting than last years', or did I mistakeably perceive it to be more interesting because I was in J1 and the teachers were new to me so they appeared to be more meaningful in their speeches) whatever it is, yesterday was a day to remember. After farewell assembly had to go for econs remedial, while the rest waited for us to finish our case study before all of us went to LAN/pool. Ah well bad day yesterday coz marcus was conned by the cashier. He gave $10 to the cashier as deposit and after that the cashier claimed that he had not paid yet, by the time everything got settled marcus, I and my bro had to attend a church gathering at great world city so for 1/2 an hour we had to watch the rest LAN. YL and DY came because I came. In the end I did not even play with them I felt I disappointed them..really soxz man

Reached great world and walked over to kim seng to bowl. My first time playing bowling in my entire life! Enjoyable. Especially when I striked with my 3rd shot which was remarkably surprising! I striked twice in a total of two games, tho a lot of shots (about 25%) went into the ditch. 25% hit one pin. 50% were pretty accurate shots. 61 + 83 is the total score I had. LOL. (pretty decent huh! at least for noobs). Then as usual for the church ppl we all went to LAN cs. Took me 1/2 hour to get a computer(sadd) but I managed to get some decent score tho I'm pretty losing touch of cs). Got back at 12plus and showered and rested. That was a long day yesterday.

Need to get ready now, it's getting late!! 8|

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Topic: :)
Date: 11 Oct 2007
Time: 18:51:36
I just feel like I got more to say.. Dad's calling me to dine with him..... o wells. FINALLY (BUT REGRETFULLY) WE HAVE REACHED THE END OF JC! Tomorrow's the last day of school I hope nobody cries during the farewell assembly hahaa..(will I?) Really dont know what's going to be happening during the assembly, looking forward to it.. officially last day of JC so I must not miss anything! See what the teachers will put up for us and what last words they gotta say.. we've all grown up and matured and this is out final sprint. Then the doom of army comes (I drrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaadddddddddddddd army.................-.-) it makes guys lifeless....only fun thing is that everybody will be guys and guys will enjoy doing guys stuff with all the freedom in the world.. besides we'll be lonely and sad in the army.. wonder how girls would feel for us LOL.

Off for dinner.

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Topic: :)
Date: 11 Oct 2007
Time: 18:17:30
I will have to set my priorities right. Mustn't regret that I didn't study enough. 06s02 dont give up keep going!

Our last PE lesson today, took class photo and then went to tennis with yunlong.. it completely drained me of my energy that I needed for the rest of the day.. and I had this splitting headache that drove me quite mad.. "this usually happens because you're dehydrated," my mom says. True, but I drank at least 2 litres(of all kinds of drink) in school. And I did have to go to the loo quite a number of times. So I rested in the bus on my way back, madly bearing with the headache, had a shower, and suddenly the headache's mild..(still can feel it splitting my brain)..and the monitor is so bright.. I hope my eyesight doesn't get worse during this stressful period of muggin.. I already begin to see things less clearly(I just changed my specs in June) haiz.. what to do?

Really dont feel like studying. But I would regret it. Maybe I shouldn't sit on the table and do math(I know I wont last because it didn't work yesterday). I dont know why my brain dont feel like learning more math. Let me unwind from the math-pinnacle by reading physics solutions. Maybe I can get my sis notes. I really wonder how those geniuses get those grades. Is it about studying technique? Nah. The notes that PJ gives, is too brief and condensed. Mass difference/Mass defect, what's the difference? I wasn't taught till I read my sis notes(NJC notes). It would be a great idea to grab what these geniuses leave behind..(tho by now they might have forgotten much of what they have learnt).. and a timetable that I drew out was planned in a way that there's a "spacing out" effect, enhancing memory. I could save up to 2/3rds of my studying time following this timetable. LOL. Someone claims to study for 6 hours straight. Another claims to study for only 2 hours, taking a 5 mins break in between the two 1 hour studying peroids. Who retained more knowledge? Who benifitted more? The second guy of course. Why? It's impossible study effectively for 6 hours straight. Imagine reading a book for 6 hours straight and maintaining that concentration. Possible? Nah. He prob wasted 4 hours staring, reading a question over and over coz his brain's dead. Furthermore, the second guy could spend the 4 hours on Facebook, gaming. He could relief some stress. He could have gone out to exercise. That would definitely placed him a sky above the first guy. I thought about it and yeah, I'd have to agree, coz I've tried the second guys technique and it's impressive.

The "spacing out" technique involves studying something(that one needs to remember real badly for the exam) and increasing length of the breaks between studying intervals. Eg, I study stats today. Then I study stats tmr. I dont study stats the day after.(saves time) I study stats 3 days after. I study stats a week after that day. Then before the exam(a week later) one last time. How many days will I save? two plus six plus six which is 14 days of studying stats. And I can remember it as well as someone who reads it over and over everyday. Cool right? definitely :)

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Topic: study
Date: 10 Oct 2007
Time: 23:49:12
Right cmon let's see what we can do with the remaining time........!!!!! it's getting closer and it's freeking me out! I need to relaxz :)

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Topic: study
Date: 06 Oct 2007
Time: 12:58:02
it's time to get the As. what do i have to do? study. it's fun.

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