Topic: ^^
Date: 29 Mar 2007
Time: 23:55:24
64/100 for computing, i think 65 for physics. so now I got two Bs, one C and one S. Waiting for econs results should be released next week. I dont care how I did as long as I did fine i'm happy, because this common test is just a test. Kames was quite disappointed I didn't get an A, actually I could if only I remembered all the definitions(at least 8-10 marks gone for definitions). Well he asked me what happened, I told him frankly I wanted to take a break so I slacked and didn't study for physics, then he sorta pissed kinda face and walked away. Well I could have made him happy if I had memorised the definitions(which is downright pointless, I can do that in a matter of minutes) haiz, to me there's no diff bet a high B and a low A.=.=

Today's computing lesson was interesting! OO programming is cool! Although I dont think i'm gonna ever be a programmer but i'm interested to learn, it's chim and cool! LOL looking forward to Fong's lessons. hahaa how funny.

hmm. i think that's all, i'ma sleep. God bless.

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Topic: ouch-.-
Date: 28 Mar 2007
Time: 23:31:31
Woof. JUST PASSED GP BY 1/2 mark! Quite expected. I never thought I would pass paper 2, it just doesn't make sense to me.. Patricia Khor asked us to do corrections for the AQ, I just can't think of a valid point.asked my sis for one but it doesnt sound decent to write about. forget it. I fell asleep while doing Vectors part III tutorial. Cannot think man, well when I woke up three of us and mom went out to have supper. Had tummyache so I didn't eat.. i'm suffering till now X.X

My bro's new K custom crash arrived today, woot it sound cool! now I'm listening to Wonderful Maker, nice song Jeremy Camp truly has the best vocals. LOL >.< AND My bro's playing a virtual drumset on the computer software along with the song hehe, mad guy. each finger is like one limb. LOL my drumming is pwned by his.

I realised I need some sweets to survive school, Ive been sleeping early but I just cant seem to stay awake. Computing lesson by Paik was surprisingly more boring than Fong's (although it's usually the other way around). Object Oriented is interesting... hmm. Computing and phy results will be released tmr. Hope to do fine. Update more tmr. 8o|

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Topic: woot ;/
Date: 27 Mar 2007
Time: 16:40:15
As expected I didn't do well for math haha. forget obout it, it's just a common test. I'm more confident in computing and econs although they are they subjects I was weaker in. Physics MCQ is a mess, i think some of us shaded the wrong index no on the OTAS sheet, our marks got mixed up, my mark wasn't even printed on the marks list. LOL let Kames sort it out. Hope he doesn't get angry with us ;|

Just done my math. I'm gaming for a while ;)))

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Topic: Unexpexted ;/
Date: 24 Mar 2007
Time: 22:30:40
Physics paper was unexpectedly manageable!!! I thought the MCQs were rather simple! and Paper 2 wasn't very tough. I didn't walk out of the exam hall feeling the way I thought I would. That made my day=) (But that doesn't mean a disaster wont happen X.X)

Then I stayed up late last night, I slept at 5am this morning. My father shouted at me this afternoon (I slept through morning and early afternoon) for the wrong reason. He wanted me to get up but I wouldn't, i was tired, then he said" I can't believe you're still like that, you're 18. Still play games all night till morning." (Well that was what I used to do, but not anymore.) I didn't argue. Parents should sometimes think about what they say and not make assumptions, based on our old behaviours. If a friend chats with you on the phone at midnight all the way till the sun rises about his life problems, wont you sacrifice your sleep to help him/her? Staying up late isn't just for gaming, they have to undestand this :/

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Topic: ;X
Date: 22 Mar 2007
Time: 16:33:07
Today's math paper.. there's no need to describe it here, it's just.. (I didn't own it this time).. it was set in a way to slaughter the cohort. at the end of the exam i calculated my score (even added method marks! and assumed every question i attempted is gonna be right) i think it's a low C. or D. If I make a silly careless mistake maybe ill end up with an E LOL, never in my life have I taken a math paper feeling so lost, now i know how weaker students feel when they walk out shaking their head and laughing .. hmmm

Tmr physics? I think i'm gonna walk out of the exam hall tmr like today, borderline pass. No point hoping or having a strong mentality believing that you'll score well. It doesnt happen all the time. Mr Joh is gonna be very disappointed with us LOL.

Well no worries, I'm taking a break. Once the exam period (The ONLY time to relax) is over I'm gonna catch up again. WE JUST NEED TO RELAX. ITS NOT ME TO GO CRAZY STUDYING *TILL WE DEHYDRATE* FOR THIS IS MERELY A LIL COMMON TEST. ;) Haiz, sometimes when you relax for 1 day, you perform 300% the next day. It's more effective if we have 3 days of school per week =). Same for the coming A levels, cant study all day you'll get tired of it. Like eating rice everyday Wont you ever think of eating noodles? SAME IDEA. "." Well the comp has been VERY NOISY because it's getting dusty, so I decided to clean up a lil, vacuumed the computer! Now it's sweet silent. ^^ While I was vacuuming there was a strong coffee smell I thought maybe my neighbour was baking a cake or making cappuccino(but how could the scent* reach so far) so after vacuuming I washed up in the toilet then I realised where that smell came from!!! IN HORROR I LOOKED TO THE FLOOR GOSH THAT SILLY DOG POOOED IN THE [email protected]#! Haiz, forgive him, this probably happened because nobody brought him down for his walk to poo*how sad* It's not at all his fault, but I locked him in that toilet while I went to get some newspaper to clean it up*apologies for the bad smell*. When I opened the door *HE WAS FRIGHTENED and was SHIVERING and was CHOKING* His eyes were saying, "Please, spare me my life" (In the past I wouldve bashed him for being naughty). Then after cleaning up I went for a shower, came out and he was standing waiting outside the shower door, head low and back slouched, huge pupils and legs shivering. Thought I was gonna kill him again. well, the way to discipline the dog is to be nice, yeah, So I reached out to pat him and he fliched(DIDNT TRUST ME), after patting him he began wagging his tail he WAS PRETTY SURPRISED HAHA things usually dont end this way hahaha, it was something out of the ordinary guess it made his day! Well seriously imagine you didn't have a toilet to go to in your house and you are not permitted to step out of your house, I mean what can you do man... how sad actually, it's not his fault. =) BUT Sis would have spanked him hard man. X.X

Not stressed, but overly playful. It feels great to relax. All the best again S02 for tmr's paper!
"In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat� for he grants sleep to those he loves." Psalms 127:2

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Topic: Thinking ;)
Date: 21 Mar 2007
Time: 21:33:12
Tmr is Math paper. I haven't studied again. And it's already getting late LOL.. hmm I've been sleeping and slacking all day today. I guess I'll do 1 hr effective revision and I'll be prepared for tmr well ;) To my class: All The Best for math paper! Hope you guys dun slack like me, I hope I can clear Friday's physics paper,
Mr Joh has high expectations of me I'm doomed.X,X
Take care all i'm off, God bless

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Topic: Thinking ;)
Date: 20 Mar 2007
Time: 19:04:00
Well... I'm a lil unwell actually i dont know whether i am or am i just feeling awkward or something when i touch my forehead I feel a lil warm, (are my hands cold? no) I think i'm really tired and have messed up my sleeping hours. I was trying to fix something on the comp(it's way too much to explain) for the entire March holiday it's making me sick, finally I've managed to repair it thanks to someone in the West (these people are cool) X.X Today I had computing and econs paper, econs from 8-10 and computing from 1230-1430, for econs paper I was fresh, I almost managed to finish the paper except for the last question which(I wont know how to do even if i had the time it's worth 2 marks well)..and for computing I studied a lil last afternoon (1 hr effectively, although I read the notes for 3 hrs) and the rest would have taken me probably 10 more hours to study(I didn't touch that it was WAY TOO MUCH). And I was pretty lucky because 1hr of content that I studied were all tested (full marks!), while only a few simple questions came out for the 10hrs of syllabus I din touch Woot!(and anyone could have answered those just be recalling) how lucky
Somehow there're much more things to worry than exams, if I keep studying and dont rest it's just gonna kill my brain off.

For some time I've been thinking..hmm

x1 How's my Christian walk?
/it's hard(that's not answering the question)/
I can't help but worry about this. It's not a feeling. Doesnt mean one has been a "decent" Christian and feel satisfied means one's better off than someone else(self-seeking,the world's thinking work+time=imustgetsomethingfromit, Do missionaries get pay for going on missions? Do they always get rich?) A need to be humble or the devil will kill your walk +1

x2 Is God not big enough to do anything? Do miracles happen all the time?
/worrying about my faith/
Yes they would, if I have the faith, well for me i think i always believe, i've seen miracles happen(if someone asks me if I believed I would always say, "Yes, definitely)BUT even after seeing the miracles, when someone approaches me saying, "Pray for me that God will heal me of my high blood pressure" almost immediately I back off, " your pills and you should be fine." or when the rain seems to pour for the entire day and I'm stuck at a bus stop, "God, stop the rain so I can go back" the rain doesn't stop and then "Why didnt God answer my prayers, this is hopeless I need to get back" that's looking into my own ways, being selfish, Yes, prayers can answered, but I shouldn't use prayers as a way to command God like "Turn pebble into bread like you did in the bible" that's wrong. God knows the heart, again I ask myself "Do i believe in miracles" the answer is CLEAR: NO. I need to change. +1

x3 If I get some weird dream at night, was God speaking?
/worrying about dreams/
Yes, they probably are a message for me. Then I argue Scientists believe that what you dream at night is probably what you worry the most, like you worry a lot about schoolwork, in your dream it'll all be about school, or if you gotta fear of standing in front of a crowd then you will appear in front of a million people who are listening to your speech.. that sort of thing, the brain does it so that you get over your fear..and I use those arguments all the time when sometimes it's really a message for me. Some people get nightmares, I believe if this is an ongoing process you should get a pastor to pray for you, it MIGHT be a spirit whose disturbing you in your sleep. If you get fantasy dreams(I hardly get them) then you're probably a person who can imagine anything between the ends of space, that I dont' know. But people in Scripture such as Genesis 8:12; 37:5-10; 1 Kings 3:3-15; Daniel 2-7; Matthew 1:20; 2:13, 19; and Acts 10:9-16; 16:9. If you get dreams like one of these be sure this is from God by approaching people who might be able to interpret your dreams as a message to you. Anything that contradicts Scripture is not from God. The devil is capable of deceiving you in your dreams, be careful. I've got such dreams, it is hard to interpret so seek Godly council, they can be really interesting.8)
I dont think I know when he speaks through dreams to me +1

x4 Can God really solve all of life's problems?
Yes he can, what makes me doubt him? I seem to excel when I go my ways? Realising sometimes that the world is Great, it makes me feel great. Did God not mention in Scripture that we will see evil ones who will be greater than us in this world? He said one day they will fall and they will become nothing in God's eyes. God does make his straying children stumble, but promises he'll catch them, sometimes he just wouldn't allow you succeed like the evil ones, youll just keep on failing and attempts to find other ways to succeed but you'll just fail.. Thank God that His Hand was upon you or you would have joined the World and it's evil intentions. Then only when you come back to him you realise he's the only one who can take care of your problems, as long as you surrender them all to him. The next moment: God can't do it +1

x5 Am I more interested in my friends or God?
/this is hard to answer/ Let's say we're in a gathering, do we think of God all the time and neglect our friends' interest? Do we think of our friends' and our own interest that we forget God? I would say 50:50 +1

x6 I just dont understand. Why can't we just do right? Why is it SO hard to do right, but so easy to do wrong?
/it sprang up/
Well, I was wondering and I searched the internet, stumbled on this: Link +1

x7 Why am I in my current situation???
/sometimes doubting God's Will/
Why did God put me in my situation it feels dreadful... Think, it's all already explained. +1

These are the things going on inside. It's really confusing and I really gotta ponder about everything lil wrong thing I have done. Those "evil" that we've become so accustomed to like lying and then laughing about it, is wrong. In everything, Do it with these things in mind. Find the purpose in our life. You find it out. When one stands before God one day and God asks, "What have you done to deserve Heaven?" Don't say like the hypocrites "Didn't I cast out demons in your name" or "Didnt I read your scripture" or "Didnt I say grace before every meal, did my quiet time and reflection, and donate to the poor" and he turns to you and says "I didn't know you" and your gone, he spits you into the Lake of Fire, but you should say "You know that I lived my life for your Glory" or "You know my heart Lord" or "Lord you know I deserve Heaven" It would all be in a nicely summarised sentence. If you find you're trying to prove yourself right before God at that time, it'll be too late. hmmm

I am I because God created me, you are you because God created you; because he created us, he must have a plan for us all. That's to conquer Heaven, and nothing else. When one does something God's way, one gets more of his strength. Then later, he might be able to handle much tougher problems, only to become stronger.

Notice I wrote a +1 it means that I've gotta work on that. I got 7 points, I gotta work harder. The fewer, the less you need to work on take note these problems are not very complex, if you get 3 points or somthing you must be tackling much more complex problems in life, Good for you.

Just needed to write that God knows the true heart. One might claim "I believe in you Jesus, I surrender all to you Jesus" he will know if one is a true disciple, or he's just making a show. "I believe in miracles" one can tell it to all his Christian friends but when he find that God doesn't do a miracle for him, he loses faith.(didn't realise, until when someone approaches him asking him you to pray a simple prayer for his blood pressure) when before this he shouted to the whole world he believed in miracles(and so it's assumed he can perform them) but cant do a thing for this poor guy.
x Hmmm. getting a lil tired waiting for the guy in the West to wake.. I need to solve some more probs, in the meantime why dont i get some rest -.- God bless have a great evening ;)

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Topic: Glad ;)
Date: 09 Mar 2007
Time: 21:54:30
I recently installed the King James Version of the Bible in my handphone, the old language is sorta hard to understand, but after reading for a week or so I'm getting used to the English. It's great to have a bible in the handphone, although I never thought of installing it last time (which I dont know why) now I realised its more convenient and handy, especially when my bag's ripping apart - perhaps i'm carrying too many books - and bringing a huge bible around results in a heavier bag.

I would prefer the NIV I've tried for hours to find the NIV on yahoo or google or forums but other than the PDA versions - which we need to purchase - I can't find a free one for handphones. If anyone finds one please tell me! I would prefer it, because reading the same verse on the KJV and NIV gives me a totally different feeling, like I never read the verse before. I've read Matthew before on NIV, but when I read it on the KJV I felt I was reading a different book.

Well the link for KJV for handphones:

How to install? For most mobile phones today, all you need is to download the software and bluetooth it over to your phone. I'm assuming you have a bluetooth device (it looks like a thumbdrive except that it has an antenna, like a router's). Or if you have a usb connector, you can transfer the file directly into your handphone. The installation process is automatic. ;) Good luck installing. --

It's really cool and handy, the prob is that only about 20-30 words can be displayed at once, which means you have to keep scrolling. Also staring at the screen can be quite uncomfortable, please decrease the screen's brightness so you dont harm your eyes and so that the battery does not get absorbed. If you read an hour a day, the backlight will be on for 1 hour. That would suck at least 50% of the bat. So charge more often! X) And I like the bookmark function, and the SMS function!

Well was reading thru, I wanted to share some verses that can test our walk with God: (NIV)
1 Jn 2:
9-11 "9Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. 10Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble. 11But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness; he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him."
15-16 "15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For everything in the world�the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does�comes not from the Father but from the world. 17The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever."

And I Love this verse, but it's the hardest to keep -
1 Jn 4:
19-21 "19We love because he first loved us. 20If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. 21And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother."

1 Jn 5:
18 "18We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin; the one who was born of God keeps him safe, and the evil one cannot harm him."

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