Topic: Full gift of tongues
Date: 26 Jun 2007
Time: 17:31:27
I received my gift of tongues in full on Sunday! Not in church but at a "Power Encounter". The purpose of this "Power Encounter" was to prepare some to receive baptism and as new members to learn more about the church doctrine so they can fit in. It's an overnight camp at Gallery Hotel, in the afternoon we listened to sermons about healing and deliverence. In the evening each one of us was ministered to by a consellor. We told our consellors our pains/burdens in our life and the counsellor would help us release these things which have been taking control of our lives by praying for us. We also spoke against the evil lies, and against any unforgiveness that we kept in our hearts. That night, the room was completely filled with the Holy Spirit, and people were weeping/crying/screaming to release their pains. Healing is now taking place in each one of our lives praise God!

The next morning the sermon topic was about the gifts of the spirit. After the sermon we lined up in a straight line, and as the music team played we spoke in tongues, and pastors walked around laying hands on each person and the atmosphere was again filled with the Holy Spirit. When the pastors laid hands on me it was like WHOAAA the Holy Spirit was so strong inside me that I received new tongues. That was indeed a powerful encounter!

hmm, with the full gift of tongues, i really feel edified!

But the gift of tongues wasn't everything. This morning, while i was in bed, i experienced another two encounters.

Here's what happened: I wrote into the Christian forums i'm now asking for an interpretation. You can join the forums if you would like to, click HERE Under 'Referrer' box type 'Wonderous' and that would give me 10 blessings!

Last night I had a dream.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and i sensed a presence around.(i've been having these things for almost a year, daily, evil spirits tormenting me). Two days ago I just received my gift of tongues in full.(previously i had doubts). So this morning when i got scared I prayed in tongues for the spirit to leave. By the time i spoke the fourth word the spirit got so close and i spoke louder and louder, and suddenly i felt as if i had a sword in my hand, and began stabbing the presence which was making me frightened. After several seconds of fighting i felt the spirit back off, it seemed like it got injured, it seemed to be screaming. Then my vision blacked out(i think i entered a dream).

In this dream I was in the same position as before i blacked out. For about 1 second i saw a triangular black structure(flat, like paper, measuring about 1 metre on each side.)right in front of me. It looked like a large piece of cloth, or a flag i dont know, but after that second it seemed like it got overpowered by something else, and boomed it disappeared, as if it got rammed.

Then in front of me appeared something beautifully white and translucent. At first I couldn't make out what it was, i thought I saw an evil spirit's robe, but looking more closely, there were actually two arms stretching towards me with the long sleeves of the white robe.(looks like jesus' robe) No face, nothing, just two arms, and then i realised that his palms were together, forming a shape of a cup(like how we cup water with our hands) but containing nothing . Immediately i knew it was the lord reaching to me, and I placed my hands inside his palms which was about maybe 30-40cm across, that big. I felt the warmness of his hands, and i remembered i was thanking him "thank you lord, thank you lord, thank you jesus..." for about 15-20 seconds, and the image disappeared. He did not say anything to me.

Could that dream mean more than just jesus rescuing me from the evil presence? Or was it not an evil presence(The bible tells us that people were afraid when they saw an angel). Maybe it was the Holy Spirit? But i could clearly feel that that presence backed out after speaking in tongues and stabbing it, thats why i think it's an evil spirit.

Or was God confirming that i was a mighty warrior(on the same day i received the gift of tongues, someone from the healing ministry told me to pray on the spot for something, the prayer(aloud) went like this "Dear Lord, what do you want to give me?" and I'm supposed to say out whatever i hear. I replied "I heard God saying he's giving me a sword." And that guy prophesied that , "You are God's mighty warrior, believe this, and reject the lies that you're not good enough.") because I was suddenly given a sword to stab the evil presence? And the empty cupped hands means that he has given me a gift?

Or is there some other message?

I would really appreciate it if someone could interpret this for me, because I personally am not gifted in interpretation fo dreams.

Thanks for your help!

God bless,

I really want to know what God's trying to tell me. I think this has to do with my future =)

The Oh Brothers™ .:Wonderous:.

Topic: =.=
Date: 03 Jun 2007
Time: 10:01:51
I'm fallin asleep from playing some games, let me get some rest. I'll write another testimony tmr. =)

The Oh Brothers™ .:Wonderous:.