Topic: =)
Date: 17 Jul 2007
Time: 00:44:59
It had been a really busy week last week. A Level is just at the doorstep now! Revision starts now! Coursework is killing all my time! Time management is crucial to get As!

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Topic: =)
Date: 08 Jul 2007
Time: 22:38:36
I said in the last post, "I have been sleeping peacefully!". But the same things happened that morning. With the Power of Jesus' name I drove the spirit away. For the first time in my life, by desiring enough, I SAW an evil spirit. That was not an ordinary unexpected occurance, but a forced occurance. I forced myself to see it. But I'm not gonna say how it looked like. The most important is that we know our identity in Christ. What else can the evil spirits do than to scare us? If they managed to scare me, they have done a great job in Satan's sight. Their aim is simple: TO MAKE YOU DOUBT THE POWER OF JESUS NAME. What does it mean if I'm scared? That I doubt that Jesus can save me!

The spiritual realm is a dangerous place. Never leave the doors of your heart open, or you will never know when such spirits will sneak in.

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Topic: Updates
Date: 06 Jul 2007
Time: 03:15:55
Thanks all for your prayers! I have been sleeping peacefully!

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Topic: Demonic visitation
Date: 05 Jul 2007
Time: 12:00:00
There really isn't any reason to fear those demonic visitations. They are merely demonic visitations. As Christians we know our authority in Christ. The Power of the Blood, Power in the Name of Jesus. The Bible. Power of the Holy Spirit. And the authority given to us when we first believed. I know there's no reason for me to fear these experiences, but somehow I still fear. Please, if anybody comfortable with what I've been sharing reads this, pray for me that I will stand firm and that my fear will leave in Jesus Name! I need prayers at this moment...the spiritual warfare is so great. I'm not trying to scare anyone with my experiences, but these things are really happening to me.(It might not happen to you) Perhaps the demons dont want me to get close to the deliverence ministry, and so are trying to weaken my faith by scaring me! Please pray for me!(only if you are comfortable)!


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Topic: Demonic Visitation
Date: 02 Jul 2007
Time: 11:09:00
Went to sleep at 10am
Barely slept for 20 mins, experienced spiritual attack (Felt like 1min 15 seconds in total, approach took 30 secs, attacking 45 sec)

suddenly there is this presence kind of feeling for about 30 secs. I thought I was gonna get a spiritual revelation, I was scared i might see a 'ghost' or 'graphic' again(like the hands), but I knew that if I saw it, there would be something black, or a red faced devil or maybe a demonic graphic. Throughout the 30 secs the ringing sounds were becoming louder and louder, and heart was throbbing in intervals..felt it was gonna blow up. I knew that guy was back.

I tried to 'get out' of the experience by waking myself up into reality but couldn't. I managed to get a slight glimpse of the table (photoshop effect) During that glimpse while I wanted to see a visual revelation (real-life vision) I was actually reluctant to see it becoz if I saw it I would be too scared and maybe die.

Then boom i was bounded to the bed. Two spirits were clamping me onto the bed (lying faced down) two hands clamped my arms down, two hands clamped my legs down. I could not see their faces. I was fighting for my life and told them to 'Leave me in Jesus Name!' but they didn't, and i thought 'why wouldnt God free me??' The front guy(the one holding my arms down) was exerting less force suddenly when i commanded him to leave, i could sense his hesitance, but (probably convinced by the other guy) he continued to hold me down..I was held down for about 45 seconds.

Joel had the same ringing, and a revelation during this time. We both awoke at the same time and looked at each other, thinking 'What was that?'

Alright, I just woke up, at say, 10.25am? Counting back, it was around 10.20 or 10.21 when all this happened. I was dreaming of this letter with very complex English? Don't know if it's English or not, but the background was dark, the letter was really brown and old looking and I could only see the last portion of the letter. Then suddenly this presence feeling came, and I was fully conscious. The minute I opened my eyes, the ringing in the ears came, really loud. I remember that my spirit at its will began mumbling a tongue, and I said, "If this is the Holy one, stay, else leave." This always happens. Well I opened my eyes to make myself even more conscious than before. Then I closed my eyes again to sense and discern the spirit behind this. Honestly, I couldn't discern. Then the ringing came so strongly(*THE START OF THE ATTACK) I began to push my ears with my fingers and said, "Leave, in Jesus' Name!!!!" But I was in a dilemma! This seemed like an evil presence, but at the same time, I wanted a divine revelation! All this happened in a matter of seconds. Just shortly after, a dream came. This time, it was a LCD/Vista commercial(DURING THE ATTACK), with some really deep-voiced guy explaining its features. The colours were vivid, and everything's like how you see and hear in the cinemas before a movie. When it was over, I waited for something to happen. My ears were still ringing, and I was fully aware of everything that is going on. Subsequently, the presence strengthened, and I was anticipating something appearing on "the screen". Then all of a sudden(DURING THE ATTACK), I saw two birds entering from the right, and in two seconds, they flew out above me. They weren't chirping, but it was more of a "ee-erp" like that of an eagle. That's the important stuff. I can't recall what happened after that, but I felt Leonard jump on his stomach. It was about 20 seconds later that I turned from my supine position to look at leonard. He told me he opened his eyes right when I looked at him. Well, strange. I thought he would have woken up because of the jump, but apparently not. Now what is this?

Points to learn
1. God allowed Joel to hear what I was hearing, and dream a dream. (Which has not yet been interpreted)
2. 'why wouldnt God free me??' ---- the demon is trying to make me doubt the name of Jesus. idk if i believe that lie?
3. I also forgot to speak in tongues. Lesson to learn: Speak in tongues, and use Jesus' name

Changes that have taken place
1. Not as scared as before, could be because it's daytime

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