Topic: Regular update
Date: 16 Jan 2007
Time: 18:53:31
Just got back. I was studying with my friends in the library for the entire afternoon. Cool. If this can go on A levels wont be a prob. Sometimes, someone can blurt our some "weird" concepts, listen carefully, because it might actually be correct. I learnt something new today.

My mom's calling me to dine. hmm, well it's good to eat as a family, it is usually, in fact, the only time teens can chat with their parents. Agree? Have a good chat with your family members. Everyone should share about his day at the dinner table, in that way we support one another in times of trouble. If you're a parent get your kids to eat with you, if you're a kid/teen/grownup, dine with your parents. That's one way we can maintain a close relationship with one another even when we're busy.

I better catch my dinner.

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Topic: Regular update
Date: 12 Jan 2007
Time: 23:36:10
1 week has passed, so quick zzz... this week, my sleep timing was all screwed. For two consecutive(mon & tue) days I slept for 3 hrs. I couldn't concentrate on wed, I was dozing off in class it was horrible lol.. but on wed when I got back my bro and I slept from 5pm to 6am the next morning wahahahhaha! Skipped dinner, but on Thur I was extremely fresh, I lasted thru the entire day I managed to stay awake thru the more boring classes(wont specify)!!

Well, the gist of this is.. I learnt that rest is very important!! There is a huge difference between sleeping for 6hrs and for 8 hrs. Really. Try sleeping at 10pm on one day, and the next day you feel real great! The effect is not just 4/3 times more it's A LOT MORE!

Well we all need rest coz if we dont have enough rest we can't possibly stay awake during our lessons, I had this prob while I was in J1, if I had spent less time playing, I could have more rest and I could have gotten better results, right?

On Tuesday, I read from a book about the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" from the front to the back cover, I remembered the author stated a few points to take note of while practicing these gifts; he gave 4 points, but two more important ones were:
 x Avoid using these gifts when you are tired; make sure you have enough rest so that you will be able to concentrate fully on God when making use of these gifts, that's one point. How is it possible to give someone a prophecy, when you're eyes are swollen and red, perhaps you might fall asleep while praying for the person? LOL joking..
 x Another point is that we all need to BE HUMBLE. Remember God is the one who gives us the strength and wisdom to do his Will. Strength and wisdom DO NOT COME FROM OURSELVES. REMEMBER THIS. Because if one is not humble, you tend to think that you are better off than someone else(i.e. Pride), and in this way Satan attacks our Christian community/ministries. Submit yourselves to God first, remember this.

Although I've been writing about having sufficient rest and is not everything.. question.. "How do I stay close to God every second of the day? I don't feel his presence near especially in school/workplace?" To answer this, well, first of all, when you're in school or workplace we do our regular tasks, and after half a day or more, we tend to feel that God's presence has diminished slightly. It is true. Because we do things out of self-gratification, in order to satisfy our desires(such as to complete your homework, that makes you feel satisfied). So how do we ensure we feel God's presence all the time? Arh.. many people fail to do this, I always forget(I forgot for the past few days). You need to ask God for this guidance, for every task, so that you might renew your faith, and do things in conformity to his Will. In order to ensure we do things according to God's Will, we need to strive to do everything with the RIGHT intention. Before working on any tasks, always ask for God's presence to be HERE with you, that you might perform them in worship of our God. After every task, THANK the Lord(VERY important) for guiding you, no matter what has happened - whether good or bad -, because you first trusted the Lord's ways and what you have done has been done in accordance with his Will. He has a plan for you, and everything that happened had its purpose. Do not let yourselves be too disturbed by events in your life, for they have been present by the Will of our Father. And.. Everytime we commit a sin, we should deal with it immediately by confessing it. Sometimes we do not realise that our responses which happen so naturally are, in fact, sinful responses. Deal with this as harshly as you would with any other "clearer" or more evident sins. They are all sins, whether big all small, they are equal in God's sight. Keep watch!

Well, of the 7 days God gave us, 1 day should be used purely for us to relax, rest, and spend time with God, that is the Sabbath Day, but it can be on any day of the week, just allocate one for relaxing, that would give us a good break and relief us of some stress! That's how important rest is =)))

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Topic: Not afraid
Date: 05 Jan 2007
Time: 23:28:50
About school?? Today was the third day of school this year. The way my teacher talked to us is as if the A levels are a month away. "START REVISION EARLY! If you look at the J2s last year, they're too late, gone." Even a mug rush for the last month wont do. We wont do well. That's fact.

He's pushing the class hard. 4 ppl from our class has left us. He said that we got no more cushion left for the remaining. Last year our cushion was the 4 that have now miserably left us. We're now left with no more. If one doesnt study hard, in 2 months time, say goodbye. Even if one scrapes through, it might still be his turn in half a year's time.

Well holiday assignments are not too much, it's doable. I gotta hand them up by next week, thank the teachers for giving us some buffer; they understand we should enjoy our holidays to the fullest. Gotta make use of the weekends to finish them. Today I didnt get tutorial solutions for my tutorial coz I didnt try it. =((

So I need to start now.

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Topic: Let's march on to 2007!!!!!
Date: 01 Jan 2007
Time: 20:42:50
Wow.. two more nights before school. I'm still nocturnal, cuz school's starting I gotta get used to waking up early! Well. Today I just came back from my uncle's house. Yesterday the Holy Spirit filled him but I didn't wish to go cuz I was tired, after making my bro's homepage for almost the entire morning till the sun almost rose. Well for today we had a family gathering at uncle Adam's place,(From now on I'll call him Adam) and the same thing happened today like yesterday. God's wisdom revealed again, I gain much much MUCH more everytime I listen to what God speaks through him. Even when he was speaking to all of us he was learning from God, I wish to learn more, unfortunately we might not have another of such gathering for some time, well the last time we had it was on Christmas day, and I love such gatherings cuz it's like CG meetings where people share about how God marvellously works in their family, and it's even more encouraging when my relatives discuss about such issues cuz their OUR RELATIVES... truly love all these sharings..

Well even as the school days creep nearer I'm looking forward to school days, that's where the challenge of keeping an intimate relationship with God becomes tougher, that's when we face more problems which we can learn precious lessons from, I'm looking straight ahead into this NEW YEAR 2007! THIS YEAR IS GONNA BE DIFFERENT! ~personal~ Well I'm seriously excited about my life!


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