Topic: Regular update
Date: 27 Feb 2007
Time: 17:23:45
How do I start off. I wont say "Im busy" again, coz it sounds so boring. This month's been horrible, well maybe not that bad, maybe i shouldnt have used the word. A lil better than horrible. That sounds better-

I wonder. I think im beginning to lose touch of blogging. Ive picked up those games, to entertain me. Well they fail. They're boring. I could have spent time on blogging instead of gaming, at least I can make some sense out of my mind, instead of trying to beat the records set by those crazy gamers. Laughing at myself. LOL I deserved to be spanked. --

I could have used the time more wisely. It was a waste of time on games. It was til yesterday I discovered I had convinced myself that gaming were one of my needs. It's just a lame way of defending myself when someone walks over telling me I have overplayed. And that's why I'd gamed my eyes off. Eyebags: clearly dark. I've n'er been this unenergetic, lifeless. Brain's dysfunctioning:

Screwed up -

I cant think physics.

I lost the concepts.

Math is on vectors now.

a x b = |a|·|b|cos(*)??????

Is that even correct???

I didnt understand a thing in vectors part(II)

forgive me

Computing? I cant do a loop to calculate a factorial of any integer.


Coursework is comin soon

We're expected to write crazy programs

I might die, since I cant write a loop program.

how bout Econs?

I thought it was going to be easy,

btw we're on Macroeconomics

I was excelling

but this isnt happening now

Macroeconomics - inflation is the topic we're doing

the worst thing is, I forgot supply and demand

while doing the DRQ,

teacher was saying, "so that affects?"

Me, "Demand?"

She gives me that kinda look

"Supply, because ..." shaking head*

Then teacher, "so since so and so .. is it elastic or inelastic?"


*shakes head* *explains*

After explaining, asks, "so are consumers likely to be responsive or unresponsive?"


"Unresponsive right? So that means that a large rise in px.." *I WAS LUCKY, she thought I answered "unresponsive", thanks to some loud friends around.


Something Mr. Kames Joh said today ^^

"Some of you, can slack. say like 'ok lor, since we managed to clear promo, can slack, common test no prob one ah', huh?? right ornot?*points to somebody and then to another ' huh? Last time ah... you all no problem one. i remember you(someone) not bad leh, your results ah, above average one. Got put in effort one, I saw. I look at your grades i can tell.*trying to sound intelligent* But what happened now??? fail until like that. Its the amount of effort put in man.*hopelessness* Its all about your attitude. *recalls*Last time most of you bother to do tutorial, but come now, never touch. *right hand open palm action* Think you can survive. *Making a point*Expecially through this coming common test *shakes head* I tell you ah, think what, think can slack and still pass is it? you think like life is that easy is it? *pauses*think you better change your attitude...*shakes head* Or else if dont study for common test it's going to drag you down man... allll the way till mid year exams
you will flung..."

This is the more important bit, "Actually ah , think of it right, whta you think you have learnt since you first step into JC? huh?? I tell you, some of you ah.... havent learn anything yet *hopelessness*, you came to JC to learn how to degenerate. You know what I mean ornot, I mean your absorption. Your concentration threshold, your attention ah, all these you all have lost. I mean some of you, not all. Remember when you were in secondary school? remember that absorption ability, the attention you can give to the teacher? remember your diligence? I tell you ah, now, all of these gone already. Even if you think you still have it.. I tell you. if last time you got A1 for pure physics for O levels, now, if i put you through again ah, you're probably gonna get like B4. Why? Because of your attitude! It's all about your attitude man! think you're really worse off than you were before stepping into JC. If like that continue ah, gone. Say bb to university. okay. think about it..."

You know what? He's probably right, I think my attitude "degenerated" hes right. He's cool, I like his ideas. He's a different way of looking at things. Guess I should just listen, and try to learn it back. That's what I'm wrote for. So at least I can be reminded, everytime I look in my homepage. I'll probably remember Kames Joh man for life...

although he just doesnt make sense sometimes. weez that was loong.

The Oh Brothers™ .:Wonderous:.

Topic: Regular update
Date: 02 Feb 2007
Time: 21:38:41
Haiz, 2 weeks gone like a wink. JC2 life's really fast-paced. Very stressed, I hardly got any sleep this week and just can't stay awake during lessons. WAY WAY TOO MUCH WORK. Earlier today I realised I needed to de-stress. Decided to play squash by myself, used up my energy, then went out for icecream, woots. Vanilla is my favourite flavor! woot it rawks Mac's icecreamcone shiok man, love it, and the best thing is it cost 50cents wooohooooo!!

Though revision is very impt I think I need to slow down, must not revise too much it's making me sick. My fren, in trying to keep up with revision (he revises with me whenever I decide to do so.), has fallen ill. Whenever I feel like doing revision after school till about dusk he'll stay back with me and together we'll solve questions. He's feels to insecure/guilty if he misses one revision session with me, he makes sure the amount of revision he does is on par with mine.. madly stressed guy..great, now's he's sick LOL>.<

Well tmr he's going with me to JJ carnival,(well i think he's recovered).. good thing the weekends are here. GREAT TIME TO SLEEP AND RELAX.

The Oh Brothers™ .:Wonderous:.