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Date: 29 Nov 2006
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ONE WEEK HAS PASSED, it's really quick, I'm disappointed with how fast time is passing. One week and a lot of stuff has been going on. Especially for the whole weekend and Monday. And although it's the holiday now I'm starting to get rather tired. Who says you can't.

Is this your darkest point in your life?? Are the holidays destroying you?? Because you're too busy playing, relaxing, enjoying yourself, having a good time with your friends?? Well if it is, stop and think what's wrong with your life. Is it empty? Is there something missing? Are you satisfied with the life you're living right now?? So what's wrong with it?

Well we need to stop and pause for a moment and recall what's happened in life. At this point if you're a Christian/Catholic, continue to read, if you're not you can close the window, I'm not forcing anyone to believe what's gonna follow:

Well I must say this is the highest point in my life. For the past month Jesus Christ has been moulding me. Though there are some bright and dark moments I rejoice with Him, because He's always with me. He rejoices with me, and weeps with me, and the best thing is when he consoles me. During the past month, lots have been happening to my family. Well there's quite a lot to say. I can type for the next few hours, and finally I can release everything that's inside me. I just hope I can remember as much as I can. This is meant to be an encouragement to anyone who reads it.

Why did I ask the question "Is this your darkest point in your life?"? Finally let me answer it, the answer isn't short. Well first of all, if you're a Christian - meaning you have prayed the sinners prayer and have confessed your sin and accepted Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Saviour - but you're feeling empty inside, and it feels as if Christ isn't there, and you feel like a Sunday Christian, it's not because Christ isn't inside you; He is inside you, but He's very tiny, like an ant in the garden. Now I want to tell you that He IS inside you, because once you've accepted Him, He's in you, and the Holy Spirit is also inside you.

Now because you've accepted him, there's no need to fear, you do not need to pray the sinners prayer again. You are confident that you are a Christian/Catholic, as long as you abide by His ways. You need to make Him the Lord of your life. Then will you experience Him - His love, His guidance, His mercy, His grace, His blessings. You often hear this every Sunday, so much so that you begin to doze off during the sermon? He's saying the truth! It's because you're not open enough, or because you have hardened your heart that you have become discouraged, thinking that God works marvellously only in some, and that you're pathetic and He's not inside you.

I haven't answered that question. But it leads me to the first point.

The reason why you're feeling like this is because, you have rejected Him, it's not the other way around. Remember that God doesn't forsake us. He's always faithful, even when you reject Him, He's still there to call you back, to bring You back to follow Him and His ways. So what's the cause of the problem? It is that You have rejected Him. The Holy Spirit has definitely prompted you countless times not to sin, but everytime this happens you turn away. You turn away from God's ways. This continues to happen and finally you harden your heart, thinking you're too sinful, too aweful, or too unworthy to meet God and ask for His forgiveness.

But has God not saved the most unworthy? He died on the cross and three days later, he rose, and by conquering death he redeemed us and we are washed clean of our sins if by faith we believe. All it takes is a simple prayer, if you're feeling terrible ask God to soften your heart, and ask Him to open your heart and ask for His mercy on you, and after reflecting for a few moments, ask Him for forgiveness, and then you're forgiven. From this point you are 'healed', and when I say 'healed' I mean that your sins are now forgiven, you are renewed and you're are now a Child of God. To be Forgiven is the same as to be Healed. So now that's he's redeemed you, you're free from all bondage, and you must live for Him and testify to others that Jesus Christ is one and only true Living God.

Recently I have been posting about my uncle. I'm going to write a lil about him. When my uncle was young, he suffered from polio, and so one of his legs is shorter than the other. Before he accepted Jesus as his saviour, he blamed God for making him a handicap. He would always ask God, "Why God did you create me in this way? Why?". Since his childhood days, he had carried this burden, and never understood why he was handicap. As a handicap it cost him many friends, and he wasn't as fit as a normal being, and he was very unsatisfied inside him. God had always revealed Himself in my uncle's dreams, and he'd always having weird dreams that he couldn't understand. Once he told me that he was choking while he was sleeping, and he saw a goblin like creature standing on his chest and pressing down on his chest. In desperation he called out to all the gods he knew, asking them to deliver him. When he told the spirit to leave in Buddha's name the spirit shook a little, but just seconds from dying of suffocation he remembered the Lord Jesus Christ that he heard about in school, whom he didn't believe in at that time, and shouted at the spirit, "In Jesus Name I command you to leave me!", and the spirit fled and left him, and he was delivered.

God showed him many signs all the way, and now my uncle is close to fourty years old. Months ago he was still sending emails to our whole family telling us about his dreams and awkward experiences he had gone through. But in his emails he always wrote that "I think I am hallucinating, I really don't think that it occured."

He has been attending a Catholic church for more than five years at least if I remember. He began attending the church after his wife - who is a Catholic - brought him there. Ever since he attended the church but for three times?(I'm not sure) he went for the baptism course - in which one attends for eighteen months before he can become baptised - and for all three times he would give up and drop out of the course, finding no purpose in it.

Recently, for the fourth time, uncle was deciding whether he should continue with the course, or to give up again. This time he has gone through sixteen months, and only had two months before he would become applicable for baptism. Once again he began to lose faith, and stated questioning God. He called some of our relatives - who are believers - as well as my family, to visit him, because he wanted to tell us about his situation. At that time he was seeing a lot of weird things around him, and once had dreams of spirits that were on his side (the gods that he worshiped), protecting him, while other evil spirits that were after him were on the other side, and both sides wanted to fight for him. And during one of the Sundays while he was worshipping God in the church, he saw Jesus decend from the crucifix in the catholic church. Although he did see Jesus he refused to believe that he saw it with his eyes; rather he thought he was hallucinating. And so believers from our family went over to his house to listen to his stories. So we discussed about whatever he thought he was hallucinating about, and at the end of everything, we prayed for him, and at that point he felt convicted to continue with his baptism class! From this point on his life turned around. This happened about two months ago.

Just three weeks ago he gave my mom a call. My mom picked it up. While she was talking to him she realised that it wasn't him whom she was talking to, because he didn't sound the way he usually did. Somehow my uncle was filled with the Holy Spirit which was trying to get into him for the whole afternoon. When the call came in it was about seven O'clock plus. My mom and dad had just returned from visiting my aunt who was in the hospital. My aunt was suffering from the third relapse of leukemia. So my mom was talking to my uncle and she thought it was an evil spirit that had possessed him, but after she realised it was God talking to her through my uncle. My mom was sobbing, and as she was on the call we(my dad, bro and I) prayed for her as she spoke on the phone with God. Suddenly on the phone God brought up the subject of my aunt's condition, and my mom talked to God, and she asked God to heal my aunt and have mercy on my aunt, and confessed her sins, and praised the Lord, saying she has no fear anything, not even death, and continued to praise him and asking for mercy on my aunt. God wasn't satisfied, instead he asked for more! At first she didn't understand what more she could say, then finally she understood, and she began to speak in tongues(which she received about a month before) for mercy on my aunt, and God asked her to speak louder, and she did, and finally God was so pleased with my mom. He said to her, "Tell your sister-in-law(my aunt) to drink a glass of water now and she will receive healing!" and surprised and excited, my mom told me dad to call my aunt. My dad told my aunt to believe, and drink a glass of water, and have faith that you will be healed, and she did. And she was healed. Praise the Lord!

The conversation between God and my mom happened on a Monday. Throughout the week my uncle was filled with the Holy Spirit, he sang all day long, even during his sleep! In every circumstance he praised the Lord, as he hears what God is saying to him. Everyday my mom and dad would visit him to learn from God. They learnt a lot. Later I will post a summary of what my mom has learnt through these happenings. Marvellous.

By Saturday, the Holy Spirit began to slow down, and by then my uncle could control his singing. On saturday my the opportunity to visit him came as we happened to drive somewhere close to his house, and so we decided to drop by to see how he was doing. Over there, he was speaking to again the four of us, my dad, mom, bro and I. He taught us about family relationships, taught us about how to discern the right from the wrong, taught us how to listen to God's will and voice by reading the bible, and showed us some evil behind artworks done by famous artists that he kept in his house for the past few years, and told us that it might show a nice garden but in fact it is a dangerous and evil piece of art showing crowds worshiping their gods. He revealed a lot of God's wisdom to us, he seems to have learnt A LOT from God during these six days how wonderful??!

The following week he performed some healing? This was rather surprising. Our family all thinks that if he were to accept Jesus personally, he would be come a very powerful testimony for God. Remember the situation on the phone? God healed my aunt throught him. That was a sign for him - that's what he says - to be able to heal the sick in Jesus' name. He healed his wife of some aches on the body, and my mom as well.

On Sunday my family went to another church to witness healing, and we saw miracles, for instance, the lame were able to walk again, and the paralyzed could move again! And so after watching for hours as the prophet did healing and deliverences we finally left. In the evening it was finally the time for my uncle's baptism! We went to the Catholic church that he attends and we witness his baptism! We could see the joy he had after being baptised and received into the Universal church of God. We all rejoiced with him, Praise the Lord!

Yesterday it was the National Healing Campaign at the National Indoor Stadium. My aunt met my uncle and both, together with our family went for the healing campaign. My uncle could feel the Holy Spirit's presence as the healing was conducted, and he saw how the prophet healed the people. Yesterday he witnessed healing. And I believe he will become a healer in the future, because he heard God's calling to become a healer! Remember, it is not the person that heals; it is Jesus Christ who is the healer! Praise God!!

Now I have written a lot, from paragraphs 2 - 9 I have explained why you feel lost in your life. From paragraphs 10 onwards I have written a lot about the salvation of my uncle till the time he was baptised and now hears God's calling to become a healer.

Well I know it is a little long, but actually there is a puzzle;the Jigsaw puzzle pieces are all over the place, and slowly we see them connecting to one another, and soon it will show the whole big picture which will speak a thousand words.

I shall demonstrate with the picture below what I mean:

And here is what my mom has learnt, here it is, these are some things we must do as Christians/Catholics:
The actual thing my mom wrote might not be very relevant, so I have included some examples as well, relevant to youth like me =)

1) Give & you will receive.
How can you receive more if you dont give. It's like you're a cup, and you're already filled with water to the brim. How can you be filled with more water, unless you empty some?

2) The right way to say grace with family at meal time.
An example of a right way of saying grace is: "Thank you Lord Jesus for your presence. Now bless each of us here at the table. Bless those who prepared the food.......anything you want to pray." **Most importantly, Thank the Lord Jesus for His presence.** Jesus was present with his disciples in the last supper.

3) Always bless others even though they are in the wrong.
They are also GOD'S CREATION.
a) One night while our uncle was with us in the car after visiting my aunt in the hospital, a taxi cut into our lane just inches away from our car and my uncle immediately said "Bless him!".
b) When someone critisises you or accuses you wrongly, bless him/her! It can be difficult, but this is Christ-like! Bless him and don't make enemies!

4) Cheating
Note that it is not sin if you tear a 1 hour car park coupon with the intent to go somewhere for 1 hour, although you leave only after 3 hours later because you were caught up with something. Most importantly, your intention must be right. These means you are doing 'right'.
BUT... it is a sin when we tear only a 1 hour coupon, with the intent to stay for 3 hours. If you are going to meet a friend, and you know he's long-winded and talks non-stop, and that your conversation will go on for hours, you know it is wrong to tear a 1 hour coupon.

5) Ask God to show me His guidance
When uncertain of anything, Pray to God to show you His Guidance.

6) The Power of Trinity(The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit)
The first thing to do when you get up in the morning is to Pray, "In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit, may the PRECIOUS blood of Jesus cover me, my family, maid, dog.."

7) Bless your children when they go out/Bless your family members
May the Precious blood of Jesus cover you in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. Go in peace in the name of the Lord.

8) Pray for God's Will & not be my will
Pray to God daily. Ask God to let you see, hear, touch, think and speak what He wants you to SEE, HEAR, FEEL, TOUCH, THINK, and SPEAK.

9) Things happen for a reason
If the tyres of a car puncture or if someone misses a flight, there is a purpose behind it. The tyres of the car puncture because God doesn't want you to reach your destination, maybe he wants to prevent you from getting into an accident.

10) ASK for Mercy
If you forget to say grace before you began eating, tell the Lord, "God have mercy" then Thank Him for the food.

11) Repent immediately when you sin
Ask God for mercy the moment you commit a sin.

12) Your Heart is more important
In times of crisis when there isn't enough time to pray a full prayer, just cry out a word "God" or "Lord", that is sufficient. It isn't our words but our heart that is important to God. Remember, God knows your heart, your feelings. He knows your prayer even before you pray to him. Praise God.

So over here is what my family has learnt. From my uncle. Thanks be to God for my uncle's deliverence from his burden and for healing my aunt!

Now if there is anything you would like to say feel free to do it on my tagboard! Thanks be to God!

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Date: 21 Nov 2006
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Yay, I'm done so far with three sections - home, me, and friends. Watch out while photos and other sections come out!!! They might not, bcoz it might be a lil time consuming, esp. photos..=( Well the most important is that the website is bugfree!

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Date: 21 Nov 2006
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It's 5 in the morning. Finally I'm done correcting all the bugs. I needa sleep, I'm tired. There is no such thing as an end to bugs, they keep coming. And, I hope this webpage will be more compatible for firefox. I spent the past 7 hrs sitting down, and debugging, finally, w/o bugs, presenting my masterpiece!
And so, I'm off to bed.
From this day on, all my blog entries will be over here, no more on anymore. That is a shared website and it isn't personal, therefore, this.
^^ so happy*

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Date: 20 Nov 2006
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This is the 2nd time in the day I'm posting. Well now it's two hours later, and I've completed creating and designing the pages. No bugs, perfect. Now only photos section is unfinished. Well, more sections coming up, I can add three more!! or 4! tell me what sections I should add!
Well now I'm going to upload music, the background song for the site will be the song "Undone" by Mercy Me's newest album. Here it goes.

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Date: 20 Nov 2006
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HIHI! Welcome to my newly made homepage! yesterday I decided I shouldn't be using to blog on coz it belongs to both of us, and it's weird to blog on haaha. Well be confused no more! This is MY homepage, and I'm creating another for my brother, still waiting for him to tell me how he would like me to design it. I need to type something to test the webpage to make sure there're no bugs, and I need to see the overall when the page is covered with words, so I'm typing some crap now.
Just a lil improvements on the webpage, well, tagboard is now very, VERY accessible on the left please use it! cos I know that some ppl dunno that the tagboard of is located on another page, well so now this is it!

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